Welcome to My Blog: My first weeks and a little about me!!!


My name is Gillian Kuhlman, and I am a senior broadcasting major from SUNY Oswego. I am in my last semester and honestly, I can’t believe it myself! I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and can honestly say there is NOTHING like NYC. I am an aspiring television producer and have dreamed of a job in television for a LONG time. This semester I have been blessed with the opportunity to do a semester long internship in the Talent and Casting department at MTV! This will be my SIXTH internship during my college career. Some of my past internships have included Post Production for Say Yes To the Dress at Half Yard Productions, A production internship at WSYR-News Channel 9’s morning talk show, Bridge Street in Syracuse,NY, and a Live Video Production intern at VidBid (a NYC video-based start-up). I sometimes compare myself to the infamous ‘Intern Queen’ but not to steal her title or anything, I can deal with being ‘The Intern Princess’. Going about getting this internship is a story in itself. I have completed 7 and a half semesters on the SUNY Oswego campus. As a second semester senior, I did not have many required classes left to take. Upon looking at this semesters classes, I noticed that the ONE class that I need to graduate, Broadcast Sales, would be offered online, I jumped at the opportunity of an internship at home and applied at many stations. I ended up getting a call from a college relations coordinator at MTV in November. She gave me a preliminary over the phone interview which made sure I was qualified for the internship and surveyed my interests. I was then connected to a person in MTV’s talent and casting department who had a skype interview with me (since I was up in Oswego.) I was EXTREMELY nervous for the interview but I knew that doing my best would land me the internship. After it was over, I was SUPER anxious and awaited a response. After Thanksgiving break, I received an email from College relations stating that I would be a SPRING 2014 INTERN for MTV’S TALENT AND CASTING DEPARTMENT WOOOO! I packed up my room at SUNY Oswego, headed to my house in Brooklyn and here I am! 

So now a little bit about my first couple of weeks…. 

I had my internship orientation on January 21st and started shortly after! Internship orientation day was super overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I took the hour and fifteen minute commute on the D train from Brooklyn to 44th street and Broadway. Upon arriving at the building, I was instantly amazed. 1515 Broadway is Viacom’s headquarters. It houses so many different networks like MTV, VHI, Nickelodeon, and SO many more. Upon entering the building, they have the V-stop which is a snack shop featuring salads, baked goods, and coffee. Once you pass the security checkpoint, There are a WHOLE SLEW of elevators. One set of elevators goes to floors 1-21, the next set goes 21-41, and so on! The building is HUGE.Orientation was held in Viacom’s Lodge which is a cafeteria style eating spot. The Lodge on the 7th floor has an amazing food and atmosphere and has awesome views of the area. As I arrived in the orientation room,  I was given many contracts to sign dealing with privacy, payroll, and legal issues. After getting a long lecture about Viacom’s rules and policies, I was off to start my first day! I headed up to the glorious 23rd floor where my department was located. Each floor is decorated differently to the theme of the network. My floor has zebra rugs, green walls, and features many different MTV shows on the walls! My first day was kind of a flop as the snow sent my whole office home early. I was aquainted with my desk (YES I HAVE ONE). I received my own MTV email, desk phone, and account. After my first day was over, I can definitely say I was excited to start. 

   I have now settled into my internship and have been here for 2 1/2 weeks. I work 5 days a week 10-6pm. The first thing you realize when you work here is that everyone is very relaxed, even the dress code is. Employees here wear jeans, they can leave as they please, and everyone works together on collective tasks. As an MTV Talent & Casting intern,  I have several different tasks. My first main task is to constantly research new potential talent for the network. I keep a running list of bloggers, new musicians, comedians, and more all of which I present to my supervisors to potentially cast them for new projects.  MTV aims to cast those 25 and younger so that they can better reach their demographic. I also research trends and gossip in the entertainment world and update my superiors on that as well. Some of my other tasks are really exciting as well. I have been assisting my site supervisor with casting calls where I have been acting out scenarios for a new show (SORRY CANT TELL YOU WHAT IT IS!). Attending these castings are a lot of fun, and it exposes me to the first stages of pre-production: Choosing your talent. Usually, there are about 3-4 castings a day and after they are done, the next phase begins. Each casting is recorded on video and then  my second job is to edit the reels into shortened versions to present to casting executives who will choose who is right for the part and who is not. I am used to editing on software like Premiere and Final Cut, but these cuts are SO great because I can use iMovie :). Through editing these castings, I have gained a better sense of what executives look for when choosing talent. Some other tasks of mine are pretty simple intern tasks like grabbing lunch for VP’s, answering phone calls, and researching phone numbers and contact info for people. 

Thank you for reading my FIRST post and I can’t wait to share more with you guys! I know there are some exciting things coming down the road so I hope you all stay tuned. My next blog post will include a video portion you don’t wanna miss. 

Thanks <3 


**** Here are some photos of my desk :) 


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